upcycled paper in sheet form for artists and others

Our Mission

BSG is often used as a feedstock by farmers,  but can also end up in landfill. Its cellulosic properties make it uniquely suited for  making certain kinds of paper; we remove it from the waste stream and repurpose  it.

Our Process

Paper making involves the collection of several  tons of BSG, which is combined with high quality hardwood and softwood pulps; the  result is a beautiful, strong, and absorbent paper.

Our Paper

Similar to cold press paper, our 300 GSM paper  is slightly textured with brewers’ spent grain (BSG) and contains small divots and  indentations. These textures do not affect the printing process.

Artist's Story

“I run a private print studio, we purchased several sheets of paper and used it for etching, it was surprisingly smooth and durable. 10/10 we will purchase again!


– Kevin Smith, Capitola, CA

Story of our Paper.

In 2017 our company came up with the concept of  developing a furnish containing BSG and woodpulp. Since then we have been  making paper with the help of two universities and experts in the forestry industry.  Our pulps are SFI and FSC certified sustainable and come from responsibly  managed forests. We have worked with Sappi International Paper, The Paper and  Packaging Board, and Anheuser Busch, among others.

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